Hey, I’m Lindsey

11892096_10101418720591352_20872614182938612_n (2)I’m an avid cyclist, writer, and asker of questions. Biking has been an integral part of how I experience the world for most of the nine years I’ve lived in Minneapolis. My relationship with biking has intensified and changed over time, resulting in a passionate love that borders on obsession. I view biking through the lens of my own experience, which is especially colored by my public health background.

This blog is a project to explore the full range of the biking experience in one place. I write about various biking topics, share photos and recaps from biking events around town, and interview cyclists across the city to hear their stories.

Hire me

I offer a variety of services to employers to promote bike commuting among employees. I organize Bike to Work events, lead bike trains, produce internal written materials, profile bike commuters at your office, survey employees to understand their particular challenges when it comes to biking, and much more. Get in touch, and let’s start a conversation.

Let’s keep in touch

I want you to be part of this project. Here’s how: subscribe to new posts, like my Facebook page, and tweet at me. Do you have ideas for posts, want to let me interview you, or just want to chat? Drop me a line at hello@bikinginmpls.com.